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Friday, January 20, 2012

All Tucked In - again.

JJ enjoys the process of getting tucked in. I think it's the OCD in him. Things have to be a certain way and it makes him incredibly happy.

Brobee has to be on his right.
Giraffe and Elephant are on his left. 
Blankie and Tiger both lay next to him and everybody gets tucked in under the blankets.

Last night, after tucking him in and getting our kisses, Kevin went back to work and I went back to crocheting - until I heard him scream out in pain. Well, I thought it was pain. Blankie wasn't tucked in anymore and it was driving him nuts. I corrected the situation and left the room.

Then I hear, "Bom! Bom! Bom!" - which, of course, is how JJ says mom.
I walk in the room and he has Tiger untucked, smiling, waiting to get tucked in again. Done.

The third time, you can hear how giddy he is in his voice..."BOM! BOM! BOM!" He's standing in bed with Blankie in one hand and Tiger (by the tail) in the other - jumping. I tuck him in again. So then of course I laugh when he FINALLY falls asleep like this:

So, I tuck him in, yet again - just the way he likes it.

1 comment:

Cassie said...

awwwwwwe - how cute is that.

bom bom bom makes me laugh!