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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Yikes, I didn't blog much last week! But I promise I have a good excuse...we've been busy! Our business is really picking up - especially with hunting season right around the corner. Well, I guess it's been hunting season for a while now, but it's rifle season that gets busy for us. (NOTE: If you use Google Chrome as your web browser {like me}, our website will not load correctly. Stinkin' google! Get it together!) 

I've also been doing a lot of crocheting...take a peek...

I had a custom order for WVU themed Dino-Beanies.

I had a craft show to get ready for. My second show - woohoo! I'm an old pro now. [Kidding.] 
But it was fun - and now I've already got another to get ready for. I wasn't sure how seriously I wanted to take finding shows and selling, but it's paid for our entire Christmas budget. That was HUGE in our eyes. Now it's time to start spending that budget - 40 days until Christmas!

 My little sister just got a job as a full-time nanny (Congrats!) for a sweet little 2 month old baby girl. Perfect! Now I have someone to test out all the girly things I want to crochet! First up, this 3-button beanie.
I am so obsessed with buttons right now. I bought one lot off of Etsy, and while home last time - my grandmother gave me 3 button jars!!! Most of them were from my great-grandmother's crafting days. I love going through them. They are mostly vintage and totally awesome.

 Last, but not boy.
We've been doing all kinds of running around this week. Last night, he brought me his leather jacket. He spread it out on my lap and carefully finagled his way inside. After fumbling with the zipper for a bit he cried out to me for help. Oh, I forgot to mention it was unseasonably warm yesterday and our house was 78* - JJ was sweating like crazy but refused to take the jacket off. "JJ, do you want me to take off your ja-" NOOOOO!!!! Ok, fine. Whatevs. 


Cassie said...

congrats on the business, i did not know this!

and i LOVE LOVE LOVE those hats. you need to set up a website so i can buy these!!
i would totally buy them, take pictures of my kids wearing them and then give you a totally awesome shout out on my blog.

either that or next time you come home we could meet up.

fair warning - my kids have walter heads. they are huge!! so don't bring baby size hats, my kids will stretch them out like a motha. baha.

Beth said...

Thanks, lady!
I'm currently working on an Aviator hat (like this one but without the bumps on each side, and I'm adding tassels that hang off the ear flaps and will be using buttons instead of the stitched X's )

...Which may look cute on baby Henry. I've got more stuff to keep working on this week and can take a pic to email you if you want. Or you can always tell me what specific colors or types of hats you like and I can probably cut you a deal :) And I know all about big-headed kids (BHKs for short)...I'm married to a former BHK who is now living his life as a BHM. hahaha!

Kati said...

These are awesome!! I would really like to buy some!!!

Cassie said...

bahahaha, i live with a BHM too. hilarious!

well let me just tell you straight up i am NOT good with colors and all that jazz. cassie = no creative one bit. if i just see it and i like it and it fits my kids big heads then i will buy it.

Beth said...

I have a crocheting blog that I let totally die....maybe I should resurrect it and start posting pics of hats for sale. My fear was that without an inventory built up the posts would be infrequent and unprofessional. Maybe I'll work a few things up and just put them up anyway and see how it goes, that way you all can see pics or request something specific. And if it goes badly, I'll delete that bad boy and pretend it never happened! lol.

Britt said...

uh huh... i see lil p isnt good enough to try on girly things??? lol jk... i do like the wvu dino hats : ) still waiting on a rainbow owl or a reindeer one

Beth said...

I bought the sweetest rainbow yarn yesterday! It's bright and funky and totally P. And P can't try on my baby booties - I mean, I guess she could but I'm not sure how well it would work out :-P