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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Currently Addicted To...

I'm the type of person that goes through obsessions and addictions. Typically they fade after a while - maybe they'll resurface again, but it's definitely an ebb and flow. White hot and then freezing cold. While this addiction may end soon, I'm currently addicted to making collages on Picasa.
This is the new Baby Aviator I just made for JJ. I think it's an adorable little hat. When I take pictures of crafts I want to be able to show different angles and sides - collages let me do that without burdening an entire post with mundane pictures of the same thing over and over again! Now, I didn't say I was good at making these collages. I'm pretty sure there has got to be a better way to soften the edges and make it look more artistic, but you get the point.

My son also has a current addiction...
Every morning when I go get him from his bed he hands me the following items:
Brobee (Not pictured because I hid it)
Tiger (Still his #1 comfort item)

Then he jumps into my arms and we go out to the kitchen to start our day. He's got cereal and milk there with him, too - but they're hard to spot. If you try to leave the bedroom without any of his desired items, he runs back to his bed and cries, reaching for all of the things he "needs." But I have a bit of OCD in me as well, so I totally understand.


Mary Cavalier said...

And there's something wrong with this? I am the same way with crafts - get obsessed with one until I move on to the other. I think Stamping will have to stick around though as I have invested way too much money in the supplies. But I love the instant gratification of making a card and I am done! (at least for the moment until the next idea pops in my head)

Beth said...

That's my problem, Mary...the ideas just keep popping into my head and my craft cabinet (for storing all my supplies) isn't getting any bigger! ha!

Sissy said...

Oh Beth, I completely understand. I do something for a while, get bored, move unto the next thing, and then come back to the orginial again. It is a constant circle. And you are right, the craft area is not getting any bigger, but my stuff sure does.

Christi said...

I happened upon your blog and read your "Currently Addicted To.." blog and it reminded me of myself. I to am addicted to Picasa (all the collages on my blog are from Picasa. I am also addicted to Pinterest.

My son is addicted to his stuff animals and has been for at least three years. When I tell him to put his pj's on he comes running out with his meme (blue patchwork blanket), black puppy, toothless the puppy pillow pet, baby puppy (a beanie baby) and sometime funny monkey (a monkey you press the foot and it laughs). The ones that are always there are black puppy and blue meme. I tell him to go to bed and I am stuck carrying it all back into his room. The picture of your son reminded me so much on how I often find my kid.

Beth said...

Christi - Oh, I am in love with Pinterest! And if you have any Picasa tips, I'd love to hear them - heading over to your blog now to snoop around :) Thanks for stopping in!!