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Monday, October 17, 2011


One of the biggest bummers of living so far away from your family is that in having to pick and choose the best times to visit, we still miss some of the fun events...there's just no way to make it to all of them. We were pretty disappointed to miss my home church's apple-butter festivities last month. It's always such a neat thing to do and be around for. And while we had to miss Bethel's apple-butter, we (thankfully) did get to make some this season.

A very sweet family we go to church with makes apple-butter every year out at their farm. They really enjoy hosting events out there - and they are very good at it! JJ and I got to go help make some yummy deliciousness over the weekend....and by "help" I mean sit around, visit, eat tons of awesome food and spend the whole day outside in the beautiful weather. Kevin was away working at a gun show, and boy did he miss out! 

 Making lunch.
 Beautiful property. It was a gorgeous day.
 The good stuff.
 As soon as we got home I threw some biscuits in the oven...and yes, it tastes as good as it looks.

We hate having to live so far away from people we love so much, but we are so thankful that God has blessed us with a church family here who love us, include us, welcome us to their family gatherings and treat us like old friends.
Thank you, Stowers family! 


Cassie said...

awwwww, how nice of them to invite you guys. we LOVE apple butter and make it as a family every other year. honestly the secret is the old wooden stick stirrer. lol. and my gma swears you have to do it during a certain time of the moon or else mold will grow on the jars. ha.

Beth said...

It's the stories and traditions that come with it that are my favorite parts! I have had a few jars in past years mold that had only been canned a couple months - maybe there is something to the moon, dude!!! :)