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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Smile! ....or not.

I took JJ outside Tuesday to take a few was a good temperature, colorful leaves everywhere and JJ was just up from a nap. I did get some decent shots of him - but I thought I'd share the pouty ones...because they're hilarious.

After calling around to every photography place in the area to get some prices on JJ's 2 year pictures and hearing what they wanted - which was an insane amount... I figured I'd do it myself. Because I'm thrifty like that. It's supposed to be sunny this weekend, so we've got another little photo-shoot scheduled for then (I'm sure JJ will just LOVE that). Wish me luck -- I don't want all my shots to end up like these. Enjoy!


Heather Dierks said...

Adorable! Some of my favorite pictures of my kids are the ones that aren't 'picture perfect'. They tell a real story and they'll be the most cherished as they get older.

Sissy said...

All of them are adorable but the very last one is absolutely the best. He is just so stinking cute.