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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My aunt called a few weeks ago and said her son (my cousin) wanted to commission an R2D2 beanie with ear flaps. I got online and found a few free patterns, but the more I looked at them - the more I didn't like them. So, what to do...well, I wrote my own pattern! I'm actually really proud of myself - it looks like a hat!!! That's HUGE!

Now, to be honest...I'm not a Star Wars fan, I've only seen the most recent 3, or the last 3 - or however you're supposed to refer to the ones that came out in the 2000s. And I only watched those because my Sci-Fi obsessed husband begged I cross-stitched while we "watched" them. I should have paid better attention.

I googled R2D2, sat down with my blue and grey yarns and went at it yesterday. I just now finished. (And, btw, you can tell if you look at my kitchen that I've done nothing but crochet for the last 2 days - I'll start cleaning as soon as the blogging is done. Priorities.) It turned into a puzzle, trying to figure it out.

And it goes without saying that I'm still in the market for a mannequin head.

Special shout-out to my paper towel holder for assisting me with this photo-shoot. But my husband is sick in bed, my son hates modeling my hats and I have yet to master the self-portrait. Even with mirrors, I'm hopeless. I see on facebook all the time people uploading pics of themselves in the bathroom and they make it  look so easy...mine looked creepy.
Guess I should practice.

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