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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crochet Bow

I found a really cute crochet-bow online the other day and thought, "Hey . . . I can do that!" So I took a stab at it and was quite pleased with the results.

Crochet a rectangle. Any stitch will do. (I did single crochet.) If you fold your rectangle in half you'll see how long your finished bow will be. Leave a long tail on your project to sew up your bow.

Once you have your rectangle finished, use your tail to connect your 2 ends before trimming it off.

I crocheted a chain of about 5-6 stitches in a
contrasting color.

You will need to make your second piece short enough that when you stretch it over your first piece it will be very tight. That first piece needs to be all "smooshed" and gathered to give your bow shape. Like you did before, leave a tail to sew end to end.

The finished product.

Any color combination will work.

I think these would be cute on a headband. I may make a few smaller ones to see what they look like on hair clips. The possibilities are endless!


Abbey said...

I love that your so crafty....and I hate that I'm not- SO can I place an order lol
They are so cute!!

Anonymous said...

or a new tie for JJ ;)
they are very cute!

Beth said...

Sam - my intention was to make it a bow-tie for JJ, but I didn't have any manly colors of yarn! LOL!!

Ab- Let me know what color bow Layla would like and it will be my gift to her! I'm addicted to making these things!!

Mary Cavalier said...

Those are cute! I'll have to send you a cute hat you can make from a rectangle :-)

Laura@everydayeasy said...

Cute! I am so going to make one of these for K!

Britt said...

Waiting on P's bow!!! I love it!!!