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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lazy Weekend

We've been taking it easy this weekend. I've been doing a lot of crafting and crocheting (check back tomorrow for a super fun tutorial!). Kevin has worked all weekend and it's been overcast outside - so taking JJ for a swim is out. All things considered, this has been a pretty lazy weekend - and a very welcomed one!

JJ loves breadsticks! So much so that I can't let him see them until he eats some of his meal first, in this case it was mostacoli. . . he refuses to eat another bite of food and wants only bread. I can understand completely!

Modeling Mommy's bow-tie I made for him.
(Please ignore the chocolate milk face.)

This is the face he makes when he's been scolded.
Sometimes you have to push past the cuteness and make him mind. I've been around enough bratty kids that I refuse to have a little brat on my hands!

Here's to hoping for sunshine the rest of this week - we love our pool time!!

1 comment:

Mary Cavalier said...

How can you punish that face :-) ?????
I am with JJ on the bread sticks - I could make a meal on warm bread.