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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Battle of the Banana Bread

Friday was a rainy, yucky day. The kind of day that is perfect for baking!

When Kevin's Grandmom passed away earlier this year, I got to be the proud new owner of her cookbooks. This Betty Crocker is from 1956.

Here's the recipe I decided to try.
(If you click the picture it will open larger.)

And since I had enough bananas, I also used a recipe out of one of my Amish cookbooks. I've used this recipe before and we love it! These are some of the best cookbooks. . . I got them as a wedding shower present from a sweet lady at my home church, Marilyn Hamilton.

In the top oven, the challenger: Betty Crocker Banana Bread

In the bottom oven, the champion: Amish Banana Bread

 Ready for the judging. . .
On the left is the Amish Bread - On the right is the Betty Crocker Bread

There was a clear winner for all of us, JJ included.
(Banana Bread makes for a perfect lazy morning breakfast)

Drum roll please . . . Congratulations, Amish Banana Bread!
The recipe is so easy, the batter is easy to mix and is a very nice consistency. This bread also tastes a bit sweeter and has a stronger banana flavor.

I found that the Betty Crocker recipe was very dry and hard to mix, especially since I am without a mixer right now. It's torture! I enjoy cooking, but I LOVE to bake! And it's much more fun to bake when you can toss all your ingredients together rather than labor over them stirring yourself!

There were quite a few dirty dishes to clean up after 2 different recipes - but the kitchen smelled so wonderful, it wasn't that bad.


Christine said...

I have some older cookbooks from my Grandma Thomas that I could do this with too! Looks like fun and JJ is happy!

Beth said...

I love looking through Grandmom's old cookbooks...all of the lady's are wearing dresses with the prettiest aprons while cooking. I typically bake in a cruddy old t-shirt and sweat pants - lol