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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ouch! That stings!

Ugh - today I got stung by a wasp. Twice.

When JJ and I go out to swim, I take with me the following items:
Tanning Oil
Cell Phone
Juice Cup

I can't carry those things all at once, so I get everything ready on the deck before getting us in our suits. Today, I took everything outside we would need to have a nice swim. When I came inside, I had no idea there was a wasp on my back. I grabbed my swimming suit and started to get ready.

As I lifted up my shirt I guess that little booger felt all trapped and contained against my head, so he started fighting back. I got stung once on the neck and thought "Oh, I'm pulling my necklace up with my shirt and it's pulling on my hair. . . . . . wait a minute - I'm not wearing a necklace." Then came bite #2 on the back of my head. Trying to figure out why my head hurt, I took the shirt and started to rub it against the back of my head to relieve some of the pain and that's when I felt it . . . . something crunchy in my hand. Yuck!

I threw the shirt down and started yelling for my husband who calmly told me I had a "huge triangle" on the back of my neck. I told him not to touch it, it hurt too bad - but take a picture so I can see it.
(This was taken about 2 minutes after the sting. )

The redness has continued to spread, the swelling has spread and it's itching like crazy! I've also got an awesome goose-egg where the 2nd bite landed - it's way up in my hair and can't be seen, but it sure can be felt.

My dad, brother and myself have always had more severe reactions to stings and bites than most people have.
(This was Summer 2008. Another wasp - I put my hand in the shot to show the size of the swollen area.)

It is my sincere hope that I do not pass on any of these allergies to my children!

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