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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Birthday Post

Throwing a birthday party can be exhausting and involve a LOT of prep work.
Throwing 2 parties in the same day is insanity.
Throwing 2 parties a mere 3 hours after the first soccer game of the season is just plain wackadoo.

So let's go over my wackadoo day, shall we? 
The week of the party I meant to blog.
I really did...
It's just I was SUPER busy getting everything ready.

Last Saturday came and we started the day bright and early for the first soccer game of JJ's second season! Of course, running through the tunnel was his favorite part - AGAIN.
We made it to half-time before the rain forced us all home.
And caused me to completely panic because I was expecting 10 sweet, little kiddos and a bounce house that afternoon.

But, the rain moved on through and we were finally able to set everything up out back for JJ's first ever "friends" party.
He has a small kindergarten class, so he invited everyone...which we would have anyway, but the fact that it's a small class made everything so much easier :)
We also invited some other sweet friends and ended up with 10.

We went with a superhero themed party.
Capes and masks were provided...

Batman piƱata watched over the goodie bags...until he was (literally) decapitated and his head worn and marched around the backyard by candy crazy little people.

The snacks...which no one hardly touched...because they were too busy playing :)

The awesome Captain America cookies!

The main event.
The big show.
The place JJ spent the ENTIRE day and night.

The friends started arriving and those tiny tornadoes never stopped moving.
Not a single one of them.

After fun was had by all, it was time to gear up for the family party.
The cake arrived....EEEK!!!!

And one for my Momo, since we were holding JJ's party on her actual birthday...

This was her reaction when I told her that her FAVORITE grandchild got her a cake.
Laughing right in my face.
Not cool, know it's true. ;)

The (almost) birthday boy with his cake!
There's an Iron Man cake topper, which looked pretty sweet with all the flames.

We had our traditional weenie roast, glow sticks, and lots of fun.
Then everyone got cleaned up and went to bed.
I think we each lasted an average of 2.8 seconds before falling into deep, deep sleeps.

Not gonna lie, getting up for church the next day was painful.

Monday came - the ACTUAL birthday!
My crazy little kid is SIX years old!
He was especially excited to take birthday treats to his class.
We got to school and as soon as we rounded the corner into his classroom, all his friends began screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY and he. was. in. heaven!

I secretly sorta hated it, because this is his first birthday I didn't spend the whole day with him.
Sheesh, this is all flying by at record speed.
Kindergarten. Six years old. 
I'm not sure how much more I can take.

He came home with a crown, which means it was a pretty awesome day.

And there you have it.
The birthday post.
It was a full and fun weekend that turned into a week long recovery :)

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