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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back to School

The end of the second week of school is a perfectly appropriate time to recap going back to school...right? Right.

This year, before school started, we attended an open house for JJ.
We took all his school supplies in so that the first day of school was easy peasy.

My big boy with his classroom locker.

Before we knew it, the summer was officially over and we spent one last day in the pool before school started the next morning. 

And then just like that...boom.

I really like the idea I've seen floating around online of kids wearing the same size shirt every year as school starts to show how much they've grown. Typically, they say the year the kid should graduate high school...we chose to use a shirt that meant a little more to us...
JJ insists he wants to work with his dad someday.
So, of course, an Underwood Ammo shirt was in order.

JJ spends ONE DAY at school, then comes home and starts writing his name all over the concrete by the pool. Just boom...a light switch went off and all of a sudden he enjoys writing his name. 
So we spend the time after the first day of school in the pool.
And until today, I think that was the last time we were in the pool.
Summer got cold all of a sudden.
We're soaking up this heatwave while we can!

I'm going to miss it.
Heading outside and floating around from the pool, to chalk art, back to the pool, eating snacks in the shade, waiting for Daddy to get off work so we can show off our new tricks...
It makes me sad to hear parents get so excited about sending their kids back to school, not being able to wait to get them out of the house again.
I live for this stuff.
Days like this are the laziest, best days I could hope for. 

Whether or not some of those days make me want to drink myself into oblivion is completely irrelevant ;)

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