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Thursday, March 5, 2015

We Are Here….and LOL Wednesday

Ok. So I seriously tried to blog like twice yesterday.
And at least twice today. 

Our last couple weeks can be summed up by the chants at the end of Horton Hears A Who….We are here! We are here! We are here!

Beyond that, I just don't know. 
We've been sick.
Cruddy eyes, nasty noses, coughs that make your head ache.

It started with JJ.
Then Shelby.
Then me.
Then it was sorta gone for a hot minute.
Then me again.
So, so gross.

And Shelby is already a bit of a diva.
When she doesn't feel good?
Full on Mariah Carey mode.
The above shot was when I put her down to use the restroom.

Then I told her, "You're ok" and she completely lost it.

But it wasn't all bad.
In fact, she turned 10 months old and was pretty happy about it.

For 10 whole months, she's been completely obsessed with her bubby.

And he's pretty obsessed with her, to be honest.
Funny how that works out.

Speaking of obsession…I can tell you one thing I'm totally NOT obsessed with right now.
Even when it comes in the form of a pirate snowman.

But the kids are still liking it.

I mean, sort of.
St. Mark's called today at 5:15am to let me know school was cancelled.
So I cancelled my alarm and set a much later one.
I have no idea what time it happened, but JJ came running in at one point terrified he missed school. I convinced him to jump in bed with me and Shelby and we could talk about it later. Like, sometime after  9:30 or so :)

Ok, and now on to the LOL….
This is not in English.
It doesn't have to be.
Explosive farts know no language.
If that kind of humor isn't for you, just skip the video.

Happy Wednesday, all!

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