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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend wore. me. out.
Friday I was cooking chili, chasing a baby, and getting everything ready for Game Night at church.
We stayed until 9pm, which doesn't sound terribly late…unless you're exhausted, have children, and have a busy Saturday ahead of you.

But we did have enough time to introduce Shelby to dental care.

JJ wanted to document it.
I love this picture.
I'm actually in it, for one. That never happens.
Shelby is looking right at the camera.
And there's JJ, in the mirror, capturing everything.
Love it. 

Saturday we were up and off to St. Louis.
We went out to have lunch and celebrate B's birthday with some of her favorite people.
Actually, we were also celebrating DeeDoo, since his birthday is just one week after B's.
So it was a nice, pasta/pizza filled lunch for all.

And chapstick.
Who doesn't love chapstick?

Since we had Momo with us, we went over to Jo and DeeDoo's so she could see their house.
We visited for a bit, JJ sang Happy Birthday, and we took a quick photo.

Then we were off to visit quickly at B's new apartment.

After all that - we headed home.
I cleaned house, started boiling down chicken for homemade dumplings, and we went to bed completely drained after a long, but fun, day.

Sunday was church, lunch, visiting, back to church, back home, and crashing out of exhaustion again.

I'm sensing a theme. 
We are tired all the time.

Anyway, yesterday we stayed local and I caught up on laundry.
And by that, I mean I washed a TON of clothes and towels and they are currently sitting in laundry baskets still over 24hrs later waiting to be folded and put away.
But they are clean.
And, honestly, it was an accomplishment that they even made it upstairs.
Didn't happen until today, but still….
Baby steps.

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