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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Christmas Post

I'm going to go back to last weekend and just start wrapping it up…

So last Saturday, we headed to St. Louis for the whole family to meet up for lunch and finish up Christmas shopping.
We headed into Pappy's for the best ribs I have ever eaten in my life. 

They were also the best ribs Shelby has ever had in her whole life.

Mr. Pappy himself saw our little Sassy Pants gnawing on the ribs he had just finished smoking and brought out gifts for the kiddies.
(Psst, that's Pappy!)

After lunch, we headed to the Galleria.
Dad spotted AvaStars and decided JJ had to have one. 
He chose firefighter and away we went.
First the picture...

Then the video!
The doll should be here any day now!

After the mall, we headed to Target.
Shopped around a bit and finished up Christmas shopping just in time.

Sunday was our church Christmas program.
These kids...
They did awesome.
So proud.

However, Saturday just after getting home from shopping, Kevin felt like death.
He had to miss it :(
The good news is that we videoed it and he technically got to watch it, just a day late :)

Monday and Tuesday were full of shopping, wrapping, and last minute Christmas prep.
Wednesday, we headed to see grandparents for lunch and gifts!

I used a shoe box for Grandma's sweatshirt…JJ told her the top of the box had instructions for her.
You know, sweatshirt instructions.
Just in case she couldn't figure it out.
We all had a nice laugh.

We ran home for a bit, then headed to Momo's.
She happens to make the best sugar cookies ever.
Just ask Shelby.
Little turd devoured like 8 of them silently in the back seat.
Total surprise to us.
However, thankfully she neither choked nor barfed, so I guess we're good.

Then, off to Umi and Papa's for - you guessed it - more gifts!

We played a bit and then headed home to sleep.

Christmas day!

We opened gifts, I got to cooking, and then off to Mom and Dad's for lunch. 
Played games, played with some tannerite, had a great day and then headed home.

Shelby happened to turn 8 months old on Christmas day.

And that night, got to enjoy her gift.
She actually hates the crib!
But she's outgrown her bassinet, so she's going to have to learn to live with it. 

Friday evening we had the sibling gift exchange and family movie night at Mom and Dad's, and celebrated Joanna's birthday. Poor Christmas baby, getting everything all lumped together :)

Saturday late morning the family came over to see all the kids cool new stuff.
Shortly after this picture was taken, we realized Shelby had her very first tooth pop through!

And that evening, I finally plugged in my star.
Just a couple days after Christmas, no big deal.
I made it with sticks from the yard, a hot glue gun, and some leftover lights from the basement.
I liked it so much that I left it up after we took the trees down :)

Sunday we had church and then went to Umi and Papa's for lunch.
Papa had spent some time Saturday putting JJ's marble maze together, so they got to enjoy that.

Then home for a nap, back to church, and home again…where I let Shelby try her first taste of a Hershey bar.
Wrestling that bad boy away from her was not an easy feat.

This morning, we slept in a bit and then begged brother to join us in Mommy's bed for some cartoons.
He obliged. 

We took it easy the rest of the day and continued playing with our Christmas goodies.
That was a long one!
These week long wrap ups are for the birds.

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