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Friday, December 19, 2014

Nearly Over It

So this week has been pretty gross.
Like, for real…gross.

Let's got back in time a bit...
Saturday night was JJ's Christmas Program at St. Marks.
He had to go with tissues, because he was just getting over being sick.

But it was an awesome little shepherd.

I've got very few pics, because I was videoing it.
But it was totally precious.

Everyone passed the baby around, beamed at JJ, and then met back at my house for snacks.

Sunday was church, home, church again, visiting with family/friends afterwards, then home.
Then all of a sudden Monday, Shelby and I woke up like this...

And we did a LOT of this for a couple days.

And just a little of this.

We're slowly getting over it.
My throat is on fire. 
So of course, I'm swallowing every 4 seconds like an idiot.
I can't help it!
But it's torture. 

And pretty much everyone's nose is still gross, but it's better than that fever and those achy, awful chills!

This evening, I got JJ's teacher gifts ready to take to school tomorrow.
I don't think any of them read my blog, so I'm probably safe in showing you...

Thanks, Pinterest!

His class if having a birthday party for Jesus tomorrow and giving each other gifts.
He's excited for it, but to be honest - he's super excited about 2 weeks of sleeping in!
He loves school, he really does.
He just also really loves sleep.

I haven't told him yet that as this is only preschool, he's got, like at minimum 13 more years of this.
Don't want to crush his little, sleep loving spirit.

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