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Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

Last week was busy.
Starting Christmas shopping, getting ready forThanksgiving, etc.
We were also busy building block images of ourselves.

And pretending to be Captain America.

And turning 7 months old.

And entering pertinent info on Miss Sassy Pants only to discover...
…she's still tiny.

On Wednesday, JJ's preschool prepared brunch for their parents.

Where his teacher showed us all the fun projects they've been working on.
They fill a memory book all year long.
We get it at the end of the year.

They take pictures and document everything.
How cool is that?!
In the sneak peek, we saw pictures of JJ getting to cook...

Meeting firefighters...

Grandparents day...

Our visit to the pumpkin patch...
It is incredible and I can't wait to look through it on repeat once it's done.
So much work.
One for every single kid!
I can't even imagine.

We had a nice brunch, and some yummy soup.

The children sang a blessing for us.
Whenever JJ prays, his face goes all Popeye.
It is what it is. 

Wednesday, Deedoo and Jo came down early for Thanksgiving.
We played a few games.
Like Candy Land.

And Say Anything, where most of us put our money on "feces" as a potential answer to a question.
It won.

Thanksgiving the kids cuddled for a while and I went straight to the kitchen.

Since Shelby barfed like 8 times, we washed her cute Thanksgiving outfit twice.
She spent most of the day naked.
Skinny little legs.

After lunch, JJ was feeling a little full.

It was a nice day.

Once Thanksgiving is over, it's time to get ready for Christmas.
What better way to do that than a parade?

Mi Casa was throwing out legit subs.

And check out what's been keeping Miss Shelby busy...
Look closely…
It's there.
It's growing, it's super light, but it's there!

JJ's class had a special project they were working on today that would take both morning and afternoon sessions. So JJ stayed all day. 
He could not wait.
He got to take his lunch, which was a big deal.
He supervised the packing of the lunch and off he went.
After Christmas, he'll be staying all day at preschool, so this was a good dry run.

But we missed him.
And based on the amount of cuddles Shelby got all evening, I think he missed us, too. 

Now, here's to hoping this week is a LOT slower than last week.

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