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Friday, November 21, 2014


Ok, so this is going to be quick.
The baby is sleeping and that means I have anywhere between 3 minutes to 2 hours to power through a blog post and grab a quick shower before her highness demands my attention.

Life is just staying busy.
Not with anything specific…just life.

I'm busy with this sassy pants.

…and also with her brother. 

We've been busy snuggling.

And playing.

And with the snow. 

And taking breaks eating cereal out of plastic cups so Mommy can vacuum.

(Shelby's face kills me, she is so happy to be with her brother.)

In the mornings, the sun hits the bathtub just right, and we play in tiny rainbows.

We've been busy being cat people.
Inside cat people.
Peanut Butter and Tiny Bob got fixed this week, so they recovered inside with us.
They took no time getting comfortable and making themselves at home. 

They're already back outside.
But now that they've had a taste of the good life, I'm thinking they're plotting a takeover. 

We've been busy napping.

And bathing.

And mornings, which are still Shelby's favorite, are spent begging brother to get up and play.
Because brother is a lot like Mommy…he soaks up every second of sleep he can. 
And now, somehow, it's already Friday.
I have got to find some kind of blogging balance.
Still working on that.
Or planning a time to stop and actually think about working on it. 
At some point.

Happy Friday!
Happy weekend!

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Sandy said...

Thanks for the blogs Beth - I have been so busy I haven't gotten on for a while. Please tell everyone at your church a big Thank You for the cards. They are always a pick me up for Bob. He is doing a little better and had a nice weekend. Love ya,