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Saturday, September 13, 2014

What. Just. Happened.

What happened?!
Blogging for the first time this week.
On a Friday night.
Just moments before midnight?
Why not.

JJ had his first soccer game last weekend!
He's #2

He scored a goal.
He ran around and had a blast.
But before it all started, all the parents, grandparents, spectators, etc….
lined up and made a "tunnel" for the kids to run through.
We cheered, and clapped, and extended our hands to welcome them to the first game of the season as they ran out.
JJ was in heaven.
It was awesome.
We stayed home the rest of the day.

Sunday we went to church, dressed warmly…since it's getting cold, apparently.
Then Umi and Papa's for lunch.
Back home.
Back to church.
Back home.

JJ prepared for the school week with a shave.
You know, gotta look good for Pre-K.

Besides running JJ to and from school, I think we stayed home all Monday.
I'm not sure what happened Tuesday.
Maybe I cleaned?
I'm not even sure at this point.
Oh no, wait….I had an eye appointment.
At which I was trying on my new contacts and everything was blurry and awful.
I was like WHAT on earth is going on?!
What is happening?!

Then, I realized I didn't have a contact in my right eye.
I thought, that must be it! 
I must have dropped it somewhere.
Put another in.
Sort of.
Something still wasn't right.

So home I went.
Dealt with it.
Went to bed.

Wednesday was insane.
Up to take JJ to school.
Back home.
Go upstairs to feed Shelby.
I decide since my vision was still a bit weird, to take out my contacts and clean them.
I start with my left eye.
And then I realized I didn't lose a contact the evening before.
I put BOTH stinkin' contacts in the same eye.
THAT's why I had blurry vision.
Fine ever since.

Home for a hot minute, then off to get JJ again.
Then back home to back, make cheesecake dip (which was the bomb, btw), and get snack ready for church that evening.
Off to soccer practice.
Then choir practice.
(Shelby's first choir practice on the outside!)
Then church.
Eat snacks mentioned above.
Go back home.
Fall asleep fast.

Thursday we stayed local.
Do yourself a favor….
Go to WalMart and buy these, like now.
Then open them and eat them.

I did snack on the cheesecake dip I mentioned above throughout the day.
Kevin prefers the blueberry cheesecake dip.
I favor the cherry.

We got some special packages Thursday!
I ordered the kids fall clothes online this year.
Mostly, they still need a few things, but I'm happy with what I was able to do shopping in my own house wearing pajamas :)
They all came in on Thursday...
So excited!
Of course, all of Shelby's stuff I ordered was 3-6 months.
And all of it, of course, is giant on her :(
So skinny, this one.

 She's probably so skinny because this happens...
Isn't parenthood fun?!
No, she's gaining weight and everything is fine, she's just a petite little thing.

And so trendy.

I'll blog about Friday later, right now, I'm beat.
And I have to be up wicked early for another soccer game.
We've got a big weekend planned.
Soccer, trap shoot, JJ turns FIVE YEARS OLD….
Bring. it. on.

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Cassie said...

puke selfie - love it!