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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Wrapping up the weekend on a Monday!
Late on a Monday, yes.
But still Monday.

Let's back up to Friday…
JJ was a Star Kid!
We've been working on his presentation for a while...

And Friday was the day!
He got in front of his class, talked about himself and all his favorite things, and got a crown.

That he wore everywhere the rest of the day.

Shelby was less than impressed, but that's ok.
School days are hard on her.
She only gets about 20 minutes into her morning nap when we have to go pick JJ up from school.
Then she's fussy.
And hungry.
And things are a bit hairy until she takes her afternoon nap. 

But Friday was so full of excitement that JJ went ahead and put himself down for a nap, too. 

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for soccer.
#2 was bundled up from head to toe.

And, again, loved the tunnel.

After the game we were home for a few hours, then off to a trap shoot!
Or as JJ likes to call it, a Gun Party!
It was still quite chilly, so Shelby stayed covered in mountains of blankets.
A good time was had by all.

Sunday, when we woke up, there was a 5 year old boy in my house.
Holy moly.

He woke up to a surprise.
(Ignore the fact that I left my vacuum out)

Daddy had put together a lego/activity table and he got to open a gift from Shelby before church!
Then, during church, he hurled everywhere.
Out of nowhere.

We took him out, stripped him down, and Kevin took him home to change while I went back inside to feed the baby. By the time Kevin and JJ made it back, he had barfed like 4 more times.

So they went back home, and Shelby and I went to celebrate Momo's birthday (which was Friday).

By the time we were home, JJ was playing, having fun, and barf free.
So, that was weird.

He stayed barf free, so he went to school today to celebrate his birthday...
….with ANOTHER crown!

A full, fun weekend.
Another great day at school.
His birthday party this Friday.
Let's do this!

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