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Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a pretty low-key weekend, with a fun week ahead.
We started off with some kisses...
I think Shelby gets somewhere around 100 kisses a day.
No joke.

Friday we stopped by Umi and Papa's house before going out to eat.
Then we went to WalMart and got some groceries.
On a Friday night.
Living the dream.

Saturday morning up bright and early for a soccer game...

To cheer on #2!

Then haircuts.
(For JJ and Kevin, not me. I'm still committed to growing out this pixie.)
Then a wedding.
After which, JJ and Papa took a little ride...

Saturday night I was trying to figure out outfits for Sunday morning.
I opened Shelby's closet and came across this little number.
It was made for me over 30 years ago by my grandmother, who passed away earlier this year. 
She cleaned it up and got new ribbon for it, then gave it to me at Shelby's baby shower.

It's held up pretty nice!
But it was super warm this weekend and the dress is pretty thick.
Maybe another time.
But - Shelby got to model it for a few pics.

Sunday was church, home, church, home. 

This afternoon, while Shelby was playing in her Jumperoo, JJ decided to read to her.

For somewhere around 20 minutes.
She took in every single word.

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