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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This day.

This day….sheesh.
So, today we had a fish funeral. 
We got up this morning, watched some cartoons, had some breakfast…
Then I started vacuuming. 
JJ came in to tell me that Boyfish wasn't moving.
Oh boy.

He had died.
I read online that the average lifespan of a store-bought betta fish is 2 years. 
We got Boyfish at the beginning of April last year. 
Just about 18 months ago. 
So I guess that sounds about right.

JJ was learning to use the potty.
When he FINALLY mastered it, he got to pick a potty prize. 
He chose a fish.

JJ requested we bury Boyfish, instead of flush him.
He chose a spot over by some flowers on the side of our yard. 
And sobbed the entire time.

And for most of the morning.
You were loved, Boyfish.

He was fine by the afternoon.

Tomorrow is another first for JJ.
School picture day!
His clothes are ironed, school pride shirt packed (for the class picture, of course) and he's had his bath.
He's going to have another quick one in the morning.
Because the kid gets ridiculous bedhead every night.

And Friday is a HUGE day.
His first Book Fair, but more importantly - GRANDPARENTS DAY!
He gets to have special guests for 2 whole hours at school. 
He's pretty excited :)

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