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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

So we wrapped up our first week of school.
Nailed it. 

I've become obsessed with head scarves, head wraps, etc…
I'm growing out my pixie cut.
I said it. 
Now I have to do it.

I'm on, like, month 3? 2?
I don't know.
But I'm miserable. 

So, I've started using wraps to deal with it. 
Specifically in the mornings when I take JJ to school.
Because I sleep hard and wake up looking like a maniac. 
With mascara smeared under my eyes from not washing it off the night before.
And I have to walk into an elementary school like that. 
So a head scarf and sunglasses it is!

Shelby Lee was baptized this weekend.
She did great.

 All the pictures are up on Facebook, but here's just a couple.
The Underwood Family

And this one of Shelby with Momo because I'm obsessed with how perfect of a baby picture this is! She is so stinkin' happy!

After church, we had 25 over for lunch, cake, and ice cream. 
We were GOING to eat outside.
But it was 97 degrees outside.
So we got creative and figured out a way to have everyone in the kitchen/dining area.
In the AC.

It was a perfect day.

Monday we were back to school.
Back to routine.
Back to story time cuddles.

And we've been spending time in the pool.
Because it's still blazing hot outside.

But I'm not complaining. 
Because we're swimming in the last week of August.
I'll take it!

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