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Friday, August 22, 2014

Soccer and swimming.

Quick post before hitting the hay.
Yesterday, JJ started soccer!

Look at these future soccer stars….

And that, my friends, is the only soccer terminology that I know. 

Today, JJ swam all by himself.
He had to. 
Sort of. 

He was playing on the steps, I was all of 6 feet away from him on a raft.
He wanted to be on a raft.
So while trying to finagle himself onto his raft, he fell in.
So I make my way to him.
But then….his little head pops up out of the water.
Then the kid starts SWIMMING TO THE STEPS.
Like, no big deal.

I yelled at him, "Do you know what you just did?!?!?!"
I said, "You swam all by yourself!!!!!"
Yeah, I know.
Like I said, no big deal.

So that's all he did all afternoon.
Just swam around the pool, grabbing the sides when he got tired.
Or taking breaks on the steps.

It was amazing.
I took video, but for some reason it's taking like 8.5 years to upload videos right now.
I'll hopefully be able to share it tomorrow.

It's almost the weekend :)

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