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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Shelby's last few days...

We're been practicing in the Bumbo...

…and owning it!

We found our feet for the very first time!

We've been sporting a new hat...

Mommy's Cabbage Patch Kids…
Super old. 

To answer your obvious questions…
Yes, that is a matador.
And yes, that cheerleading outfit says Tilden on it.
Tilden Tigers.

We've tried on doll clothes.

We had visits from great-grandparents.
And made this face for some reason...

Tried on glasses...

And sported some of her own.

But mostly just held Papa's hand.

Big brother has been running around like a crazy person.
He is SO EXCITED to start school on Monday.
Holy moly, where did summer go?
Where did the last 5 years go?
Why am I getting so old?!?!?!!

Fun weekend ahead of us, followed by a week full of firsts.
Happy friday!

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