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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Big week.
Lots of firsts.
School starts and live gets crazy busy.
Is that how this works?

Over the weekend, we headed up to StL.

First stop, Gulf Shores!

Since it was rainy, JJ and Aunt Jo had matching boots.

Outside, JJ did his best Jake...

….and his best Elwood.
Not to shabby.

After that we were off to the mall, a couple shoe stores, cute boutiques, and...

to check out bikes!

First Trek!!
Big birthday coming up.

Shelby has started doing this...
JJ did it ALL THE TIME when he was little.
As soon as he got tired, his hands went up into his hair.
Poor Shelby doesn't have much hair.
She has to reach around all the way to the back.

JJ got really lovey with the baby Saturday/Sunday.

We were in bed early Sunday night.
First day of school came Monday morning!

JJ goes M-W-F.
He loves it. 

Shelby is worn out from a busy last few days...
…me too.

Tomorrow is another day of school and another first.
First day of soccer practice!

Shelby's got a big weekend ahead of her.
Her baptism is this Sunday.
What a busy, fun, memorable week this is turning out to be.

I'm already exhausted just thinking about it. 

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