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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Continuation

So, I realized today I only wrapped up part of the weekend.
Up through Friday.

I'll continue….
Saturday Kevin got up and ran into town to grab some supplies to get stuff done around the house.
Shelby and I hung out on the front porch...
(Thank you, again, Mitch and Sarah, for letting us borrow this rocker!)

JJ hung out by the pool...

Kevin got back and JJ helped him work outside.
They spread grass seed, and then took turns watering it.

Papa came over to help Kevin work on a computer.

Then it was baths and bed.
JJ wanted bubbles.
He also wanted the jets going.
That means massive amounts of bubbles.

Sunday we went to church, then Umi and Papa's for lunch.
Then we were off to celebrate a baptism of a good childhood friend's baby boy.
The three of us started kindergarten together :)
Times sure have changed.

We went back to evening services, then back home.

Yesterday was hard.
Shelby was so clingy.
So needy.
I wasn't allowed to put her down.
Nearly every bite of food I took was to the soundtrack of her screaming.
As long as I held her, she was fine.
But put her down, and face the consequences.

And oh, that face!
She likes to make that face.
Don't worry, it's usually followed by this one...

We wore that onesie for a good 10 minutes before it was so covered in barf.
Everything got covered in barf yesterday.
So Shelby just stayed naked.

Umi and Papa came over in the evening so Papa could swim with JJ.
I was going through old pictures and found JJ at 8 weeks.
Enjoy the comparison of each of my little Underwoods at 8 weeks old.
Oh, JJ….that hair!

Today was another tough day.
I only got about half done what I needed to…but that's more than I got done yesterday.

This is what brushing my teeth looked like.

It quickly turned into this.
(Side note: Good shot of Shelby's baby mullet. Sheesh.)

Then devolved into this.
What else is new?!
Just another normal day :)

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