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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Super late on a Tuesday finally wrapping up the weekend.
Hey, why not?!

Let's go back to Friday.
The pool is officially open.
Dad and Kevin finished securing the steps Friday night.
This was accomplished by Kevin (and JJ) holding Dad's ankles while he attempted to reach the bottom steps. It worked.

We had pizza, visited, Dad and Kevin took down another tree, and B took JJ on a ride in the Polaris.

She also got some massive smiles out of Shelby.

Seriously, I could do smile posts every day of the week for this girl right now. 
Don't tempt me. 

JJ stayed the night with Umi and Papa.
Saturday morning, Shelby woke up in a great mood again.

Kevin cut grass.
We met Mom and Dad for lunch.
Visited at their house for a while.
And by the time we hit our driveway, both my kids looked like this….

We were lazy for the rest of the evening.
Shelby got her first bath in the big tub.

And JJ was never very far away.

Sunday we went to church...
…had Mom, Dad, and B over for lunch, hit up a graduation party, back to church, out to visit friends, then finally home. Exhausted. Everyone slept great Sunday night.

And woke up like this Monday morning:

I'll take it!

Monday was a pretty yucky day, so we stayed in all day long.
And that night, guess what we found on our back door...
I. hate. frogs.
Stay out of my pool. Seriously. 
I'll lose my mind if I start finding frogs in this pool, too. 

Before bed Monday night, JJ and Shelby got a quick bath together.
He has been waiting for this for months.
He has been wanting his sister in his bath for the longest time.
It didn't last long, but he got to help bathe her, and then when she got out, fill the tub up and play some more.

Today we hit up the doctor's office.
Then we went grocery shopping, got back home, cleaned house, folded clothes and played in our bouncy seat...

Oh, and built blocks.
JJ requested I take a picture, that Dad get in it, and that they both put their arms around it.
Yes, sir. 

Bath, bed, and finally, a blog.
I'm spent.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Beth: I got to live the weekend (ok, a little over) through this. What a wonderful family we have, those pictures of Shelby are to die for.