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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Since my blogging has become so infrequent, I'll quickly highlight some of our happenings over the last few weeks.
Like the fact that JJ started Tball.
Here he is looking sharp before his first game:


Hanging out in the dugout with Dad.

Game 2 was much warmer.

Game 3 was just last week.
The weather has been so up and down, wet and rainy…we haven't got in as much practice with him as we would like. Hopefully June will change all that.

JJ has also been obsessed with building things lately. 
He got these blocks from Uncle Deedoo and Aunt Jo nearly 3 years ago.
He's always liked them.
But lately, they're his absolute favorite thing.

He creates roads, like this one, on his own.
No assistance from anyone.

This is a carwash he built.
He also likes to build cities and then, "Smash them like a giant."
I think we should order him some more.

I found the kids their 4th of July outfits last week.
Shelby's is hilarious.
Because who knew jean shorts came in size newborn.

And JJ's is just as fun.

Over last weekend, we attended a graduation party for my cousin.
Little Miss had a great time laying around, taking everything in.
And being held by sweet church friends.

Once we were home, JJ bathed, and tuckered out, they enjoyed a movie together.
Not for very long, but still…JJ's been waiting for that for a long time.
He's dying to share his bed with his sister.
And before long, she'll be begging to join him on a regular basis, I'm sure.

Tuesday evening, Aunt B rode her bike to the house and then jumped in the pool to cool off.
JJ, of course, joined her.

Shelby and I watched from the sidelines.

When the baby wakes up in the morning, she's usually in a really good mood.
JJ and I take advantage of that and spend time talking to her. 

She smiles.

Watches us intently.

And adores her brother.

Wednesday morning, he said, "Take a picture of me petting the baby."
As he got down close, talking sweet to her, she let out a big, looong, happy sound back to him.
He was, obviously, shocked.
So sweet.

Shelby has also been recently enjoying the bouncy seat.
She loves watching the toys swing around as she moves.

Later Wednesday, we did our grocery shopping.
This is what going to Walmart looks like for us...
I wear the baby.
JJ rides in the cart.
We get in and out as quickly as possible.
Which is, in fact, never very "quick".

I also found time to paint my nails to practice for the 4th.
(Thank you, Kevin, for taking baby duty!)

Today, our sweet girl is 6 weeks old.
JJ got her on the forklift.

And later, as she cried in her swing, tried to find her a blanket. 
He couldn't find one.
But he did manage to wrestle up a wash rag, which fit just fine.
However, Shelby did not appreciate his efforts and was promptly removed from the swing to calm down in the comfort of Mommy's arms.
I'm ok with that. 

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