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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wrapping Up

OK, so last you heard from me I was sick. 
And boy was I.
Every day I woke up, I felt worse.
That last sentence is misleading - it implies I actually got sleep.
I didn't.
My throat hurt so bad, it kept me awake.
I would fade in and out of sleep some, but never really SLEPT.

Anyway, around 3am last Sunday morning - I went downstairs to get some ice to get some relief for my poor throat. The ice hurt my tongue. So I looked in the mirror and found sores on my tongue and thought, "Well, that can't be good."
So to Convenient Care I went.

So, I started on antibiotics.
Around Wednesday I felt well enough to start trying to catch up on laundry.
Kevin started to go downhill around this time.
I think it was Thursday I started to clean the kitchen. 
Friday we went up to Fairview and got JJ stocked up for tee-ball.
Helmet, glove, shorts, cleats….add that to the tee, balls, and bat we already got him and this kid is ready. Play ball!
Saturday, Kevin really started to fade.

Sunday we went to church, but by Sunday evening, Kevin was just about down for the count.
We're trying to keep a safe distance from each other. 
And I'm bleaching everything that will stand still. 

So in pictures, here's what's been going on.
Bob had her kittens.
Six total.

This is their house on the front porch.
It has a heat lamp, fleece pillows, nice little cat house. 
I was afraid that once the babies arrived, Larry would get the boot from their nice, warm home.
Instead, I've found, he takes turns sitting with his siblings.
He's a great big brother.
When they begin to cry (because we can't keep our hands off them sometimes!) Larry will often come running to investigate and make sure we put them all back. Safe and sound.

This is pretty much all I ate for days.
35 weeks along!
36 already.
Holy cow, it's coming soon. 

Sunday after church, we ran out to get some things to finish preparing for the baby.
JJ found chicks!

Back to the kittens, look how they've grown.
A week old already.

Total relaxation.

So tiny!

I found poor Sophie tied up again in the toy room.
So, I went to get my phone to take a picture and JJ insisted he be part of it.
No problem. 

Now that we're on the mend (hopefully, at least. I know I am, we're waiting to see on Kevin) I hope that this blog will get a lot more attention.
Back again, story of my life. 

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