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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Remember how I said JJ was a bit under the weather over the weekend?
He's finally feeling better today.
Like, back to normal, even.
Still a gross little nose and a sad little cold sore in the corner of his mouth, but much less coughing and much more playing.

Unfortunately, Tuesday I started feeling a bit yucky.
We ran a TON of errands.
I was stuffy and irritable.
Then, by evening, so congested I couldn't sleep.
Woke up Wednesday feeling disgusting.

We still went to the library for Story Hour, but after being there about 5 minutes, I was ready to go back home and get back in bed.
I rarely moved the rest of the day.
Coughing like crazy.
And with every cough, of course, at 34 weeks pregnant, I'd pee my pants.
I was out of underwear in no time.

And I don't feel like doing laundry, so today I'm wearing Kevin's.
I don't even care.
They're a bit roomier, anyway.

Last night, JJ went to church with Umi and Papa.
Kevin went to Wal-Mart and stocked up on tissues, meds, cough drops, etc for me.
And ice cream.
And brought back a frozen coke.
He's a good man.

Speaking of being a man, this morning I woke up totally sounding like one.
So disgusting. 

Being sick is so gross.

There are Kleenex everywhere.
Because I stop caring where they land.

And my house, I swear, was clean just YESTERDAY.
Now it looks like something out of an episode of Hoarders.
And it's only going to get worse, I can tell you that.
I don't know why, but it's a scientific fact.
Mom gets sick, and 12 hours later the house is destroyed.
It will stay destroyed until she feels better.
Then it will take her 4 days to get it back to normal and catch up on laundry.
That's just the way things are. 

These are the only smells I want to smell...

End of story.
And this is the only place I want to be….
With my laptop set up, watching shows.

Currently, I'm on this...
Just started it.
Not even sure what I think yet.

But JJ's not a fan of me spending all day in the tub.
Because HE wants to be in the tub.

We have 3 bathrooms in this house.
All have pocket doors.
I love pocket doors.
But they don't lock.
None of them.
There is no way to lock ANY of our bathroom doors.

So we've had to talk a lot about privacy.
We started talking about it when JJ would be in the bath playing and say, "Go away, please." 
We talked about how using the word "privacy" is a nicer way of asking to be alone.
So, whenever I have to go to the bathroom or want to soak in the tub, JJ's usually right there.
And I ask for privacy.
Well, because Mommy wants to potty alone.
Or, Mommy is getting in the tub.

And JJ will insist he'll just wait.
No biggie.

No, I want privacy. What does privacy mean?
He'll tell you, "It means you want to be by yourself."
"Even from Daddy?"
Because I'm sick and I want to rest.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Sometimes he strips down and insists he's jumping in, too.
He doesn't win, but he tries.

But tonight, he's hanging out with Daddy…
So I think I'll take the opportunity to hit the tub and I'm taking my laptop with me. 
And some cough drops.

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