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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LOL Wednesday, update, etc etc

We've been in major "getting ready for baby" mode for the last couple days - so that's the reason for the lack of blogging.

I'll recap our weekend/last few days…
JJ has been obsessed with picking up sticks and making "campfires". 
So our yard is shaping up pretty good and pretty quick.
Looks like Papa's passion about his yard has been passed on. 

Friday, Kevin wasn't feeling awesome, so JJ and I went out to dinner with Umi, Papa, and Aunt B.

Saturday JJ and Kevin went and got haircuts.
Then we cleaned around the house.
I think.
It feels so long ago.

Sunday we went to church, to Mom and Dad's for lunch, home, back to church, home.

Monday, the pool installation started!

And Tuesday, it was done!

So pumped to have stairs :)

And we've been baby-preppin' away!

Yesterday, JJ's nose was all yucky.
Then he started running a fever around 8pm.
So today we've been taking it easy.

Crashing from Dimetapp.

Which has given me time to finish packing for the hospital!
Baby is packed.
(I love my diaper bag.)
Fun fact, it's the same brand as JJ's backpack and suitcase...

He's also packed, by the way.

And so are Kevin and I.
Hope the hospital is okay with our NRA bag.
Besides throwing in the laptop, iPad, chargers, that kind of stuff - we're ready!

And now, since it's Wednesday…..

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Cassie said...

jealous of the pool - that's awesome.

and that last lol wednesday - oh my - spit my drink. hilarious.