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Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

I didn't blog Friday.
Because Friday started like this...
Scratch that, Thursday night started like that.
A fever.
No big deal.

Then at 5:30 in the morning, barf.
But, like, the smallest amount I've ever seen.
I think he was getting "choked" on some yucky chest stuff.

So we stayed in Friday.

Saturday, Uncle Deedoo and Aunt Jo came to visit at Umi and Papa's. 
So we went, too. 

Great Grandma and Great Papa came over for a surprise visit.
JJ taught G-Papa how to use the iPad.

Later in the afternoon, we got in some practice for tee-ball this summer.

After spending most of the day outside, hiking and playing, we were headed home.
But still coughing.
So I gave JJ some meds.
In no time, this:

Turned into this:

Sunday morning we had church.
Then a birthday party for the Miles twins!

JJ had a blast.
Then we came home to nap.

Since it was icy, evening church got cancelled. 

Today, we've been drawing.
A lot. 

"Underwater robots out of control."

Everything you see in this picture was JJ's idea.
He speaks, I draw.
He wanted a rocket.
Then stripes, eyes, a face, arms and legs, and fire.
Then, he wanted a hot dog with fire.
Everything should be set in outer space.
Well, here you go….

He asked me to make him a rocket for him to embellish.

Later he asked for bread for dinner, so I made him biscuits. 
Once the oven was cool, I put the rest back in the oven for safe keeping.
From Sophie.

Next thing I know, he's upstairs with a strainer full of the bread.
Whatever, I have folding to do.
Go ahead and eat your bread out of a strainer.

This evening, JJ and Kevin watched a movie while I took a bath.
I cleaned most of the day.
This nesting is REALLY kicking in. 

Which isn't a bad thing, since we're expecting a new family member to join the family in just 6 weeks. 
I just hope it's enough time to get everything together. 
Let's do this!

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