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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Busy, busy.

Tuesday was awesome.
I mean the weather, the weather was awesome. 
So JJ and I ran a ton of errands, and I didn't even mind.

When it's freezing, I hate errands.
Nice? Don't mind them. 
Wanna know what I do mind?
It was like 70, gorgeous, but not summer.
So why did I see all kinds of nasty booty shorts, spaghetti strap shirts, and bellies hanging out.
All shapes and sizes.
All ages.
Please…stop it. 
I was all looking forward to summer, and then BOOM - way too much skin and I'm reminded about the gross that comes with it.

Although, at the doctor's office Tuesday afternoon, all I saw was pajamas.
And I'm talking about adults.
With Elmo PJ pants.
And Dr. Pepper shirts.

We found out that our little addition is measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule.
Please don't be a gigantic baby. Please don't be a gigantic baby.
Other than that, everything looks good.

Then we went to Stearns.
When we bought our new living room, we didn't buy anything that rocks.
Now we're having a baby.
So we had to have SOMETHING that rocks.
Picked out a glider and ottoman, boom done.

Then car wash.
With everyone else in town.

Then Wal-Mart.
Grabbed our groceries and headed to see Papa at work.
But Papa was in a meeting.
So we went for milkshakes instead.
It was a decent consolation prize. 

Wednesday we hit up the library, then Doreens for lunch.
Later we headed to church, visited for a while, and called it an evening.

Today, I've been cleaning.
It's amazing how much a little sunshine can motivate you.

We also got in a little practice...
Bring on the summer, this boy is ready to play ball!

This evening, Kevin and I finished our closet remodel, and even knocked out JJ's.
We put in another shelf and bar for little sister.
It's getting really real.

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