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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Let me go back to Thursday night.
I was beat. 
So tired.
I was falling asleep watching TV with Kevin in bed at 10 or so.
That never happens.

I'm a night owl. 
I usually fall asleep around midnight.
But Thursday night, I wanted to be asleep at 10.

JJ, however, kept coming into our room.
He wanted to talk.
He wanted in our bed.
He wanted a movie.
And he's a sneaky little ninja.
I never see him coming.
And I was so tired.
Kept sending him back to bed.

Then at 2:14am Friday morning, I woke up to what sounded like a bucket of water being dumped on the floor.
I opened my eyes to JJ barfing right next to our bed.
Lights on, clean him up.
I ask, "Did you barf in your bed?"
Ok, let's go back to your bed.

Barf everywhere.
I was so tired, instead of cleaning it up and changing the sheets, I told him to grab Roar and come to our bed.

When he woke up, totally fine.

Then, around 4pm on Friday, I found him like this...
And I thought, Well…he didn't get a lot of sleep last night.
Barfing and all.
So we went to dinner with Umi and Papa.
And JJ started running a fever.

So we ate, ran to Wal-Mart to stock up on medicine, and back home we went.

Saturday was such a nice day, but JJ was still running a fever so we stayed in.
Except Kevin, he ran out to grab a few things to start our closet remodel/baby prep.
And get me some Cream of Chicken soup I needed for dinner - because Campbell's thought making their Cream of Chicken and Cheddar Cheese cans look EXACTLY ALIKE.
And I needed 2 cans.
Thanks, Kevin

Early evening he was fever free, so he got a bath for church the next morning.
Earlier in the day, Kevin discovered the intake for the tub jets was unplugged.
And here we thought they just didn't work.
So crazy giant bubble bath with jets it was.
And it was all fun and games until somebody got soap in their mouth.

But he got used to it.

And even smiled about it.

Oh, by the way….I think Bob's pregnant again.
Like, 99% sure.
We were holding out until March to get her fixed since the Animal Clinic does a Feline Frenzy…aka, a cheap weekend to get your cats fixed.
She just couldn't behave herself until Spring.
So, as soon as this litter is weaned - to the doctor she goes.

But since Kevin doesn't read this blog, I can safely say - I'm so excited!!
I wanted a tail-less kitten to keep!!
In fact, I wanted to keep all of them - they were so sweet….
So maybe we can replace the two that ran off.

Anyway, back to the weekend…
Sunday we went to church, then had Umi and Papa over for lunch.
The rest of the afternoon/evening was lazy.

Monday I didn't feel too hot.
By late afternoon, I had a headache that just wouldn't stop.
So I laid in bed most of the evening.

Today we went grocery shopping.
I've been wearing one of my great-grandmother's rings as my wedding band as of lately.
Because my fingers are swelling.
And I'm pregnant.
And I just feel weird walking around pregnant without proof of being married.
Just can't do it.

This evening JJ's been drawing again.
He calls this one…
Deedoo, but with more arms.

We also let Larry come in for a bit to play.
JJ wanted him in his castle.
Larry wanted to run around.
So JJ built walls, which Larry just jumped over before JJ could climb into the castle.
Kevin finally helped him get everything just right.
Which lasted all of 10 seconds before Larry bailed.

In 9 weeks, our little girl should be here.
I saw this picture on Pinterest and my heart nearly stopped...
I want a picture of JJ and #2 like this.
So. stinking. bad.
And I want it huge and hanging on my wall.
Heck, every wall.
Aunt Jo? Something you think you could help me out with??

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