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Friday, February 21, 2014

That face.

Let's go back to Tuesday.
Big day.
We signed JJ up for Pre-School.

There are about 30 pics of him outside the school.
I did want a few shots.
But he kept saying, "Ok, now one like this."

"Now I'm gonna do this."

"And get one like this."

We met his teacher.
Met one of the cooks (who got on the floor to sit and talk with him. He loved it.)
Then we went and got groceries.
And picked up a tball glove and ball.
That's his puppy seat belt pet.
He loves it.

Later, Papa came over to help Kevin out in the building.
JJ and a drew.
He drew this sweet robot.

And he tapes up everything he does.

Wednesday was B's birthday.
He got to sing to her on more than one occasion.
It was a lazy but good day.

Thursday we were up early for my 30 week appointment.
My doctor's office offers complimentary 4D Ultrasounds.
Yes, please!

I never had one before. 
Our little girl took a while to warm up to the camera, but the technician was determined to get us some good shots. We just sat and watched like it was a movie or something.
And then we saw her sweet face.
So. crazy.
If you're ever on the fence about getting one, free or not - do it. 
Just do it. 
It was so neat. 

Then we hit up Chick-fil-A (score!) and hit the road home.
The wind was bananas.
So we hunkered down inside while a small storm passed through, and once Daddy was off work, we grabbed a kite and ran outside.

It was probably too windy for it, if that's possible.

Kevin said, "I've never flown a kite this easy before. Just standing in one place like this!"

Kevin took JJ to the basement for some guy time so I could clean.
That was pretty much our evening.

Today I'm cleaning upstairs and doing laundry.
Later we're meeting up with Umi and Papa for dinner.
I'm hoping for an easy weekend of baby prep.
I'm in need of a closet makeover/intervention to make room for our newest bundle of joy - and Kevin's got 9 Saturdays until my due date.
Time to get started!

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