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Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

On Friday morning, JJ and I had breakfast courtesy of Aunt B.

When Daddy came home for lunch, JJ was ready.
Picture, card, and Daddy's favorite cake.

B's gift to JJ was well received.

He dove right in.

Kevin's gift to me was well received, as well...

Shari's Berries and cake pops!

And a giant box of Creme Savers :)

JJ made out pretty well, too. 

Baby #2 got a gift to hang above her crib.

We went to South Side Ribs, then straight back home where sweatpants were waiting for me. 
JJ fell asleep by 8, we were in bed watching TV by 8:30, everyone was happy. 

Saturday morning, I made JJ get up at 9:30.
Kid got 13.5 hours of sleep.

That afternoon, he and Kevin played legos.

We had a pretty lazy day.
Watched JJ's Valentine movie and at bath time, he got to use one of his new towels.

Sunday we went to church, to Umi and Papa's for lunch, home for a nap, back to church, then home again. Pretty typical Sunday.

Today, we've been lazy again. 
As I went to upload pics from my phone to my laptop, I found these selflies JJ took.
Not too shabby.

The foot one is my favorite.
Better (and more interesting) than most of the selflies I see on Facebook.
More flexible, too.

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