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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Blogging before 10pm?!
Watch out!

It was in the high 30s/ low 40s today, and I walked around in a tank top, shorts, and didn't shudder when I let Sophie out to go potty. It felt wonderful! It's just after 7pm as I write this, and still 38! 

Next week, near 60!
I see some more outside time in our near future.

We were outside yesterday, too.
Papa, Umi, and B came over right after work to use what little daylight we had left to get in some sledding.

And this time, Kevin waiting at the bottom of the hill waiting to DRIVE the sledders back up.

Where were these when I was growing up?
This is the only way to sled.

I made tacos for dinner, stuffed my face as fast as I could and we were off to church. 
Well, I was off to choir practice before church.
Kevin comes later, with a frozen coke in hand.
Except now he comes with 2 of them, because JJ is a bottomless pitt when it comes to frozen cokes, just like his mother. 

Today, as with most Thursdays, we stayed home.
I cleaned. JJ played.
Sophie and Larry wished all day they could trade places…
(They sit and stare at each other a lot.)
That's what we named our kitten.
So we have Bob (a girl, the momma) and Larry (a boy).

When we got our first big snow and did our sledding, 2 of the kittens ran off that day.
I have no idea why.
They had been in the garage for 2 days since it was so bitter cold, and we let them out Sunday to show them the new house and heat lamp we set up for them.
We were outside playing, and then they were gone. 

Our hope is that they became barn cats somewhere up the road. 

I had a pregnancy related hormonal breakdown one day after they left, yelling "They're dead! They're dead! I just know they're dead!"
JJ's little voice told me, "Mom - they're not dead. They just had to go away to a new place."
When I was dropping JJ off at Mom and Dad's one day a couple weeks ago, I saw a cat that looked JUST LIKE one of the kittens that ran off. 
So much so that I stopped, rolled down my window, and called to it.
JJ yelled at me from the back seat, "Mom! This is someone else's house! We can't take their cat!"
I said I'm not taking it, just making sure it wasn't one of ours.

I really do hope they became barn cats. 
I also hope that one of the times I drive up the road calling for them, they come back home.
We'll see….

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