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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekend (and Monday) Wrap Up

I would have written this up much sooner, but my back is killing me and I was in a nice, hot bath.
I was in no hurry to get out, either. 
But on to the weekend….

After blogging, I never got back up.
Stayed in bed.
I'm ok with that.

Cleaned house.
Cooked that wonderful ham.
Had Mom and Dad over for dinner.
Cleaned up and spent the remainder of the evening doing as little as possible.

Ice caused church to be cancelled.
So, since I was up early anyway…Saturday's ham became Sunday's omelet. 

We had a lazy afternoon.
That included staying in our PJs as long as possible.
Headed to Umi and Papa's for the Super Bowl.
Home, bath, bed.

Yesterday, I had my 28 week glucose test.
Before I left, however - we had to make muffins.
Momo came over to play with JJ while I was gone.
Then back home.
Grandma and Ms. Terrie came over for the visit and REALLY infected me with the quilting bug.
As if I need another hobby…
We spent the rest of the evening pretty low key.

Today I had my 28 week check-up.
Found out I passed my glucose test - score!
Did some grocery shopping before the snow hit hard.
Because it hit pretty hard for a while there.
This is how UPS had to run.
JJ's down there with them.
He saw Kevin trying to dig "The Bus" out and said there was NO WAY he was missing out on that.
So he helped Kevin clear the drive in that nice, heated cab.
Not too shabby.

We made dinner.
Papa came over to help Kevin get some more walls put up out in the building.
Then I took that bath.
Life is good.

Exit question…
Anyone ever had these?
Looks like an apple, tastes like a grape.
So the bag says.
I tried to buy grapes today and Wal-Mart was out.
I saw these and was like…well, why not?!
We shall see….

1 comment:

Kacie Jones said...

I like grapples. Nothing I would buy and eat all the time, but pretty good for a change :)