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Friday, January 31, 2014

Another weekend

It feels like Tuesday and Wednesday were an eternity ago, but I think it was Tuesday I decided to make some cookie bar bites. But I didn't have any chocolate chips.
What I did have was a couple packages of snickers.
Good enough.
With plenty leftover to throw in the fridge and snack on throughout the rest of the week.

Remember how I've been saying we are SO ready for spring?
I heard JJ yelling (maybe Wednesday?) "I'M SUPERMAN!"
Over and over again.
I go into the living room and see this….

This boy needs to get outside and run off some energy asap.

We also got our ham in the mail!
We have a supplier who sends us a ham near the beginning of every year.
It's always a happy day when it shows up!
That evening we went to church, had snacks, and home for bath and bed.

Thursday we ran errands like crazy.

Then off to Vans.
Taking JJ in there was like sensory overload for him.
How hilarious is this mini Razor?!
JJ needs one.

And one of these...

And definitely one of these...

Someday buddy, someday.

Today we ran more errands.
I got a haircut.
Then off to the bank, post office, out to do some primitive shopping, then back home for a bit.

We went out to eat tonight with Umi and Papa.
JJ went with a packed bag to stay the night.
I've been home kid free for over an hour and have been in bed with a root beer and a snickers for at least 30 minutes.

Kevin's downstairs watching The Following.
I've seen the first season.
He hasn't.
So he's watching it now so we can watch season 2 together. 
It's pretty good.
And it's got Kevin Bacon in it.
And every time I see Kevin Bacon, I think of this….

When he crosses his fingers at the end, I die.

Happy weekend!

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