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Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday evening, we went to Mom and Dad's for pizza.
Then back home, because we promised JJ he could sleep in our bed.
My plan…snacks, some TV, falling asleep, Kevin carrying JJ to his bed.
How it really went….all of the above, except after Kevin carried JJ to his own bed around midnight, I heard him "crying" at 4am. When I opened my eyes, he was standing at the foot of our bed with his Tiger and pillow demanding we keep to our promise and he sleep in our bed.
He won. 

Saturday Kevin got up early for a haircut (after sleeping with little feet in his back all night).
Then, he and Dad went to pick up our new Polaris.
JJ had no idea any of this was going on, so it was a pretty fun day for him.

We're ready for the next snow!

Papa took it for a spin, too.

After that, it was cold enough to be slightly uncomfortable, so inside we went.
I cleaned the rest of the day away and we all went to bed tired.
And in our own beds.

Sunday we went to church, then had Mom, Dad, and Aunt B over for lunch.
After lunch, we decided to enjoy the amazing weather and all take turns driving the Polaris.

After our company left, we got to work.
The garage needed to make room for these two working machines.

So we were outside working and playing, driving things to the dumpster, sweeping, getting dirty and having fun for a good 4-5 hours.
Because this was the weather...

Taking breaks on a porch swing in January is pretty awesome.

After all our work was done, JJ wanted to "play numbers"…which means he gets out my calculator and makes a bunch of tapes with numbers on them.
I made muffins (no surprise there) and we enjoyed the rest of the evening.
Today, it's bitter cold - again.
So I caught up on laundry and 48 Hours. 
Not nearly as much fun as yesterday, but I'll take it.

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