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Friday, January 24, 2014

It's the weekend!

Just a quick update…

Wednesday was awful.
Bloody noses, vomit, accidentally peeing in pants.
And all that just from me.
Broke my 4 week no puke streak. 
I'm never going to assume it's over again.

Thursday was spent cleaning.
All day long. 
Tomorrow will be more of the same.

We've been taking lots of long, fun baths. 

Sporting new (hand-me-down) towels.

And as I quickly type this up, JJ's having a blast playing cars.

He's been begging, and since it's Friday night, he gets to fall asleep in our bed tonight.
Hanging out, watching TV, and eating snacks. 
Thankfully, we've got a king size bed.
I'll never go back.

Happy Friday!

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