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Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend started lazy on Friday morning.
Just playing the iPad and hanging out on the kitchen table.
That night we did dinner with Umi and Papa. 
JJ got to stay the night, so I went to bed early.
No complaints here. 

Saturday started with firewood.
Sophie likes the back doors of the new house.
She can be comfy and still keep an eye on everything.
Once Dad and Kevin were done stocking up, we were off for a day of fun.
First stop, picking our pool!
Should be put in around the second week of April.
Come on, Spring!!

Then we hit up Incredible Pizza in St. Louis.
On a Saturday.
We were crazy.
But JJ had a blast and it was a neat place. 
Uncle Adam and Aunt Brooke met up with us there.
Then off to Uncle Adam's for a bit.
(We missed you Aunt Jo.)

Then off to the mall.
This is what the ride home looked like.
It was only cute for the hour and twenty minute ride home.
It stopped being cute when JJ woke up as soon as we got home.
And wanted to stay up late and party.
That was not cute.

Sunday was church, lunch, nap, church, snacks, home.

Today was decent, so I let JJ deliver the mail to Daddy at work.
Since tomorrow will be frigid again.

We also made more muffins.
Surprise, surprise.

Tomorrow will be another busy day of doctor visits, grocery shopping, getting some pants hemmed, and (if I feel up to it) finally folding some clothes.

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