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Friday, January 17, 2014

The rest of the week

I meant to blog yesterday…but then got tired and just went to bed.
Oh well…

Wednesday we hit up the library and busted a move.

We went and picked up some lunch at MiCasa Subs (my first time) and brought it back home.
From there, I rarely moved the rest of the night. 
I've got a little girl about 13.5 inches long and just over a pound…which doesn't sound like much….but here late'y, it's been feeling more like a watermelon.

And for the first time in my life, I'm experiencing heartburn.
I woke Kevin up around 1am one night telling him it feels like I've got a giant hole from the bottom of my ribs to my collar bone, and it's eating everything inside. It's eating my insides. What is this?!? What is happening?? Is this heartburn????
He just rolled over and said, "Sounds about right."
Then went back to sleep.

It's gotten super cold again, so yesterday we stayed inside all day.
It's starting to drive us crazy.
But I don't think anyone is as sick of it as Sophie.
JJ thinks this is how you lasso….

You can see her eyes asking, "Why do you let this happen?"

Once you've "lassoed" your dog, you tie her up good.


She just takes it all.
You can't leave a morsel of food anywhere near her, she can't be trusted.
But my kid can do, literally, whatever he wants to her and I know she won't mind.

We've got big plans this weekend.
Chuck E. Cheese
And picking out our pool!

As I type this, it's snowing.
Don't even care.
It's pool picking weekend!

Happy Friday!
Happy Weekend!

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