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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A pretty good Thursday

We started our day by JJ staying in bed and letting me take a shower AND get my hair dried/styled before he woke up. That was nice.

I got him up and went out to "Daddy's Build" as JJ calls it.
I had a few business details to take care of with Kevin.
So I packed up JJ's breakfast and he got to eat it on the forklift.

Once I was done, we came inside for some cartoons and relaxation.

After a while, we headed outside for some chalk art...

...until JJ noticed the grass needed mowing.

I posted on Facebook a few days ago the view looking south (looking at the house, the right side) - so while we were out there, I took a picture to the north (the left side).
This is looking off our porch.
Beyond the trees (and JJ mowing) is a steep hill and a very large corn field.

Sophie enjoys laying in the sun on our giant steps.

From the front porch, this is looking west.
Currently, it's a bean field.
Green and lovely.

Back inside we went.
I had some shopping to do, after I noticed the porch swing out back was looking a bit rough. Plus, we've got hooks for a second porch swing in the front, so why not fill it?!
I found this bad boy....
A swing with a center console that has cup holders?!
And goes back into place when you don't need it?!
I'll take two.

Can. not. wait. 

Papa came over for lunch.
We played cars, watched some toons, and went back outside to play.
Then ran about 39 errands for Kevin all over Sparta.
And still didn't get it all done.
Back out tomorrow I must go. 

JJ loves the "mud pile"...which is really saw dust.

And stacking anything he can find on the forklift.
This time, it was coffee cans.

After a long, filthy day - the tub.
Then, of course, bed.

Not a bad Thursday, if you ask me. 

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Katie said...

Love the house...such a country, home-y feel from the pictures!