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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up and Kanawha Salines

This weekend, we swam (surprise, surprise)....

Saw Monsters University in 3D...

This was my first ever 3D experience in a movie theater.
And it was hilarious.

We got pizza.
This is the pen used to sign receipts.

Again, hilarious.

We went to church for our last Sunday at Kanawha Salines Presbyterian Church.
We said our goodbyes and vowed to visit again and again.

Then Monday I got a phone call.
Our pastor, who is also a volunteer firefighter, had a heart attack while assisting a neighboring town with a house fire. He passed away. 

(Kevin, Pastor John, JJ, and myself at JJ's baptism. Oct 2009)

It was so very sudden and terribly sad.
You can watch the news clip from this evening and read about it by clicking here.

When Kevin and I got married, we set out looking for a church home.
We quickly settled at Kanawha Salines.
A small congregation with a rich history.

This little church has become our family.
They have shown us love, celebrated with us as we welcomed JJ into the world, included us at family gatherings and holiday functions...
We sincerely care for these sweet people and love them with all our heart.

Pastor John and I loved to talk politics and baseball.
(Even though he was a Phillies fan.)
He even called to congratulate me after the Cards won the World Series a couple years ago since I was in IL with family. 

We are so terribly sad for Pastor John's family and all those who mourn his passing.
We will miss him - but we're very thankful we got to meet him and be part of his flock for these last 6.5 years.

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