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Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Let's jump right in, shall we?

Saturday we were up early to head to work at our church's yard sale.
Except I did a lot of visiting/talking/laughing and JJ did a lot of this...

We've gone to every church yard sale of JJ's little life so far.
And every year he's got the same buddies.


So this year, they stole borrowed some phones and played Angry Birds to pass the time.

JJ went to bed tired, fell asleep quickly, and I painted my nails.
If you see OPI Liquid Sand anywhere, buy it.
I'm obsessed.
I've only got 3 colors and I feel the need for more.

And at one point in the afternoon, I hear the toilet flush.
No biggie, JJ pees solo all the time.
But then he walks out in the kitchen (of course, completely nude) and tells me he poot.
That's how he says it in the past tense, whatever.

So I ask where?!?
He tells me, "In the big potty."
I ask how?!?
He says, "Like this.....uugggghhhhhhh."
(Grunting sounds. Awesome.)
I say I know that's 'how' you do it, I want to know how you got on the potty.

Walked in the bathroom to find 2 stools, his potty seat on the toilet, and JJ ready to be cleaned.
This is pretty cool.
Good job, kid.

Today we did our grocery shopping.
We ran into one of the most terrible children I've ever met.
I was trying on some flip-flops, JJ just hanging out in the cart when I hear a kid (I would guess just turning 5) start screaming...
"Don't look! You can't look at this stuff! This is my birthday stuff! Quit looking at it! It's mine and you can't see any of it! OK? STOP LOOKING!"
Screaming. Like, at the top of his lungs. Screaming.
At JJ.
Because he happened to be looking in his directions.
I'm staring in disbelief, because his mom and grandma are totally cool with it.

So I laugh, like an uncomfortable, all three of you are crazy, laugh.
I start making silly faces at JJ to keep his attention, because, as I told him, "This kid is super rude, just look at Mommy, ok?"

Well now the kid is a new kind of psycho because JJ's not looking and salivating with jealousy.
So he starts screaming again.
"This is my pirata. It's mine! You can't have it, it's for my party!"

Then the mom starts cracking up, telling the grandma - "Oh, he's trying to say pinata. Did you hear him?"
And I'm all, um....super rude, all of you.

The screaming continues...
"See this?!? This is MY present."
JJ glances at him and says, "A toy."
Kid loses his cool completely.

So I announce that we're out of here, too much crazy in our general vicinity.
And as we turn the corner, turn and stick out my tongue at the sweet little lad as I continue on my way.
And it felt awesome.
(I'm so mature.)
And then we got stuck behind this all the way home and I figured I should have just kept it in my mouth and went on our merry way.
I'll think twice next time.

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