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Friday, May 17, 2013


Friday night already.
I've worked my way through the house cleaning and have arrived at the kitchen.
It's where I like to end.
Not that I like cleaning my kitchen, but I like to start at one end of the house and systematically work from room to room. I don't move on to the next until the current one is completely done. Picked up, dusted, vacuumed. In that order.
Ah, simplicity.
So, obviously, I'm a mom - since that has been my Friday night. 

So let's go over these last few days.
Wednesday we did yard work.
JJ worked incredibly hard....relaxing in his house with his feet out the window.
Born in WV, ya'll.
Surprised? Didn't think so.

Kevin noticed after finishing the backyard that he was low on gas.
So while he ran the weed-eater, JJ and I ran into town to get him some fuel.... this.
I swear he's wearing underwear.

Thursday we stayed around the house most of the day.
Ran out for the evening.... this.

Today we were meeting friends for lunch.
(Remind me to tell you about how TERRIBLE part of today was. The lunch part. I don't have the energy to write it now, some day this week, ok?)

You've seen his Buzz hat that he loves so much.
He wanted to go to lunch like this...

But settled for this.
He's a simple kid with simple tastes.
Having a few hats has been fine - up until today.
He could not decide on a hat, because he "needs more!"
He's got tons of winter hats (especially since I crochet).
So I guess I need to start shopping for more ball caps.

Or fireman hats.
Both work. 

Happy weekend, all!

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