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Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 3

Sorry for not blogging yesterday.
Yesterday was Day 2 of our latest attempt at potty training.
By 2pm, I was ready to throw in the towel.

Day 1 was amazing.
No accidents!

Day 2, we had a lot.
Although, Day 2 ended a lot better than it began.

Today, Day 3, has been great!
Only 1 accident!
(And we were playing outside at the time, so that - to me - is forgivable.)
JJ has peed every time I asked him to today.

I had to make a few phone calls this afternoon.
I decided to make them outside, picking up sticks so we could mow the grass tonight.
So, learning from my previous mistake, I let JJ go naked from the waste down.

First, he peed in on a rock, and thought it was awesome.
Then, I noticed him squatting over my Sophie Mountain.
(A weird mound of dirt in our backyard that Sophie always stands on while she watches the neighborhood. She loves it. JJ loves it. Beloved Sophie Mountain.)
He then starts to yell, and jump, and celebrate.
Outside, just like a dog.
He loved it.
We had to go get Daddy, he couldn't wait to show him.

After a bit of time outside, JJ asked if we could dance.
On the Wii, of course.
So I tell him he has to pee, then yes.
Boom. Pees.
So dancing it is.
He took photographs himself while we grooved.

In my mind, we had 2 huge victories today.
#1 - When I was in the back room and came out to find this.
JJ, my himself - using the potty.
He chose to on his own.

#2 - While outside doing yard work this evening, I asked JJ if he needed to pee.
(Even though he's naked from the waist down and could just pee, I want him to think about it. Realize what he's doing. Get used to it. And get used to me asking.)
So I ask him.
He says yes.
Runs down to the ditch in the front yard and pees.
He chose a spot, held it long enough to get to his desired location, and peed.

So we had a great evening.
Worked hard.
Got filthy.
Fed Boy Fish.
Bath time.
Bed time.
Happy boy.

And look what was all over our yard.
("Was" because they've since all been mowed down.)
Spring is officially here!

Happy Weekend, all!

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