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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Absence - and back to LOL Wednesday

A whole week away.
It was needed.

JJ and I had an unexpected, sad trip home.
We got back to WV last night.
Every drive we wish more and more that we were home with family.
Especially now.

My grandfather passed away.
It was hard and emotional.
It brought family together from coast to coast.
It reminded me of God's unfailing care and comfort.
It caused a lot of tears, bonding, reminiscing, and then laughter. 
And eating.
A lot of eating.

Each day we were busy.
Running here and there.
Planning and preparing.
Visiting and (of course) eating.

But now we're home and trying to get back to normal.
Cleaning, laundry, grocery lists.
And since it's Wednesday.....

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